The PopBoard NRW would like to make an active contribution to greater participation and diversity for pop in NRW. We are committed to breaking down barriers, creating access and making spaces as safe and inclusive as possible for everyone – so that the pop of tomorrow in NRW will be even more colourful.


The PopBoard NRW should be as diverse and varied as the society in which it works. With this in mind, we have developed a Code of Conduct and are in a constant process of learning which makes our thoughts and actions a little more considerate every day.


Our glossary is intended to help create greater security and understanding when dealing with terms in the context of diversity, awareness and discourses critical of discrimination. You will also find a collection of guidelines and points of contact and advice in NRW. Is there a contact point missing? Write to us at


Do you want to report an incident or make us aware of something? Did you notice something negative at a PopBoard event? Then you can contact

Our awareness person Johanna Bauhus will treat every message confidentially and look into it as quickly as possible.