NEW awareness manual from Safe the Dance

Since January 30, the new Awareness handbook from Safe The Dance – “The reference work for event organizers, collectives, networks, organizations and anyone interested in change!” is available in print and ebook versions.

The demand for professional advice in the area of awareness has risen continuously in recent years. Nevertheless, there is still a lack of organizations and information sources that can adequately meet this need. Many newcomers to the field of awareness feel overwhelmed when it comes to taking their first steps in a meaningful way. This handbook is aimed at both beginners and experienced awareness teams. It conveys practical knowledge from the basics to the challenges of major events and thus attempts to close existing gaps. The information in this handbook is not limited exclusively to cultural events; much of it is also transferable to different contexts.

The handbook is based on years of experience in awareness work, from festivals with 60,000 people, music conferences, techno clubs to small DIY spaces, protest camps and collectives. The handbook’s intersectional approach recognizes the diversity of forms of marginalization and emphasizes that awareness goes beyond sexism.

The handbook was produced with the support of: PopBoard NRW and Pop RLP with financial support from the Ministry of Culture and Science of North Rhine-Westphalia and the Ministry of Family, Women, Culture and Integration of Rhineland-Palatinate, the Cultural Department of the City of Munich and Musiklandniedersachsen with financial support from the Lower Saxony Foundation.

Distribution takes place via the website store of Safe the Dance.