OnLInE workshops 2023+24 WITH Pro Musik e.V.

In November, December and January
Pro Musik
and the
PopBoard NRW
are jointly offering four online workshops for freelance musicians.

27.11.2023 | 11 a.m. – 1 p.m., Tours abroad with Sebastian Hoffmann (Touring Artists)

20.12.2023 | 11-12:30, Sexual harassment and violence in the work context and its prevention with Lea Maria Breuer (Themis Vertrauensstelle e.V.)

22.01.2024 | Time: tbd, annual planning in a different way with Saskia Worf

24.01.2024 | Time: tbd, “Good resolutions – meaningful goals for a happy new year” with Katja Ehrenberg (psychologist)

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Monday, 27.11., 11 a.m. – 1 p.m.

Workshop “Tours abroad”

DIGITAL with Sebastian Hoffmann, Touring Artists

Brief description

What administrative regulations need to be observed for appearances in other countries? The German Mobility Information Point ‘touring artists’ (
) has set itself the task of providing free advice, information and awareness-raising on these topics across all sectors. In this online workshop, Sebastian Hoffmann, head of the advisory service, provides you with information on the basics of preparing and carrying out tours abroad. Here you can find out, among other things, how invoicing works for performances abroad, what withholding tax is all about, when the A1 certificate is needed, what an ATA carnet is, whether a work permit is needed for performances abroad and where funding can be applied for. The workshop is aimed at musicians who live in Germany and are planning international concerts and tours.

Sebastian Hoffmann

Sebastian Hoffmann coordinates the touring artists advisory service on the administrative regulations for cross-border work in the cultural sector (all sectors). He studied North American Studies and Film Studies at the FU Berlin and Reed College (USA) and has worked as an agent and promoter in the music industry as well as a consultant for Music Pool Berlin and the Smart Cooperative.

Wednesday, 20.12., 11-12:30 a.m.

Workshop “ Sexual harassment and violence in the work context and its prevention “

DIGITAL with Lea Maria Breuer, Themis Vertrauensstelle gegen sexuelle Belästigung und Gewalt e.V.

Brief description

When practicing their profession, musicians often find themselves in positions similar to those of employees, but also employers, and thus in a wide variety of power relationships. This 90-minute webinar provides practical knowledge on the legal foundations of the General Equal Treatment Act (AGG) with a focus on sexual harassment and violence in the workplace. The rights and obligations of employers and employees will be explained and practically illustrated using typical industry examples. The exciting question of when self-employed persons are legally treated as employees is clarified. In addition, psychological support is provided, particularly on the topic: “How can I be a good supporter in such cases?”

Lea Breuer

Lea Breuer works as a lawyer at the Themis confidential advice center against sexual harassment and violence in the cultural sector and specifically advises players in the music industry. The Themis Confidential Office against Sexual Harassment and Violence is an institution supported by associations and trade unions which, as a cross-industry confidential and advice center, is intended to offer those affected from the creative industries an opportunity to voice their concerns in a protected environment. The service includes legal and psychological advice. Counseling sessions are strictly confidential and are subject to professional secrecy.

Monday, 22.01.2024, Time tbd.

Workshop “ A different kind of annual planning”// DIGITAL with Saskia Worf

Brief description

2024 is just around the corner and many want to finally do things differently next year.

Establish new habits and routines and finally have your planning under control. As a self-employed musician, it can be a lot to keep on top of booking, bookkeeping, practicing and rehearsing, networking and events without burning out completely and getting sick.

In this workshop, Saskia Worf will provide you with tools and methods to help you plan your 2024 in a different way. Intensive reflection on the past year is essential in order to see what works and where there is still room for improvement. It will be interactive, you will need your calendars/notebooks/digital planning tools and lots of coffee or tea. In addition to tools for planning, Saskia also gives you impulses for a more conscious and healthier everyday life so that you can achieve all the goals you have.

Saskia Worf

Saskia Worf is a musician, teacher, author and yoga instructor. In 2019, she launched the blog and podcast Managemusik, where she creates content on the topics of self-management, time and energy management, conscious music-making and personal development. |

Wednesday, 24.01. 2024, Time tbd.

Workshop “Good resolutions – meaningful goals for a happy new year // DIGITAL with Katja Ehrenberg, psychologist

Brief description

In this workshop, we will first take a look back at the year 2023: What went well, what needs to be celebrated properly, what went less well, and what are your learnings? What would you do differently if you were allowed to “turn” the year over again: what would you do more of, what would you do less of, what would you keep?

On this basis, we look to the future: what would you ideally like for the year 2024, and what will it take, both externally and internally, for these dreams to come true? – What might others expect, and does it fit together? – Good “good intentions” benefit not only from the luminosity of the dream but also from clear milestones and concrete action steps, realistic time planning including buffer and recovery phases and an idea of when and where you might need support from whom.

Based on psychological findings on the topic and the personal experiences of the participants, we will lay the foundation for your personal roadmap step by step, including a few pragmatic strategies for a successful, happy and stress-free 2024. In order to create a trusting workshop atmosphere, all participants are asked to switch on their cameras.

Katja Ehrenberg

Katja Ehrenberg is a graduate psychologist, professor at the Psychology School of the Fresenius University of Applied Sciences in Cologne and freelance systemic consultant (SG-certified), trainer and coach. She specializes in applied social and communication psychology and dealing with stress in the work context. In addition to her work as a lecturer, she has more than 20 years of experience in advising and supporting teams and organizations as well as individuals, and since 2016 has also increasingly focused on mental health in the music and event industry.